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Welcome to Lir Psychological Services Ltd.

LIR Psychological Services is a new therapeutic service based in Dublin 9. At LIR we aim to provide a safe, trusted space for individuals and couples to have the opportunity to express and understand difficult emotions, in order to heal and transform outdated ways of coping, for personal growth, current difficulties, or deeply rooted issues affecting your whole life.

Choosing to see a therapist takes courage and is an entirely personal decision. We understand these difficulties and the delicacy of each individual so we offer a free advisory session with a senior member of staff for anyone interested in exploring the possibility of therapy. This will also help us to accommodate your needs in the most appropriate way should you decide to start therapy.

The aim of our service is to assist an individual or couple through their difficulties and enable a deeper understanding of their issue to emerge, whilst also gaining tools to cope better should these difficulties arise in their future. This is done through one-to-one counselling or psychotherapy. We also accommodate group therapies for individuals requiring a wider understanding and support, and are also linked to local services for referral and aftercare programmes. This service is designed for anyone over 18 and is fully confidential, professional and effective. Before commencing therapeutic services, a full detailed assessment takes place to enable a more suited service, depending on the age and presenting problem of the client.

Floating peacefully and calmly above the water… though beneath the surface constant movement takes place to enable this pose… A person poses many faces throughout life, often not reflecting what lies beneath the surface… Only through deep reflection and understanding can transformation take place… These two sides of our personalities can be integrated so the face you are seeing reflects the person within… This is reality… Embrace the possibility of living it!